Stream was canceled due to an error on Facebook.

We’ll walk you through a situation where you tried to start a live stream to Facebook, but it couldn’t start due to an error that Facebook responded.

The current error occurs when your Facebook posting rights, including live streaming posting rights, are temporarily blocked due to a policy violation, or your posting rights to the Page have not been fully approved.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the current error is mainly confirmed to be caused by the following two causes, but it can occur in any situation where publishing rights are not normally obtained to any other destination.

  1. You’re restricted from acting as your Page until you complete Page Publishing Authorization. Switch back to your Primary Profile to complete authorization under — Settings — Account Settings — Identity Confirmation. Complete verification or you will be restricted indefinitely.

Facebook provides a detailed guide to the first cause, the policy violation case, from the following link.

So, if you experience this error while attempting to live stream on the PRISM app, you may need to check whether you have violated Facebook policy or wait for permission to post.

However, in most cases, it is highly likely that the restrictions will be lifted after a certain amount of time has elapsed, so it is recommended to wait for a day or so and then try live streaming again in the PRISM app.

  • iOS error code : 368 / 10



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