Hello, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.

We would like to inform you and apologize for the deprecation of webcam and DSLR support in the PRISM Android app.

The PRISM Android app, which is currently being serviced on Google Play v3.0.0 version, has stopped using the camera of external devices such as webcams and DSLRs.

We apologize for not being able to inform users of this in advance.

In the meantime, the PRISM Android app has provided the use of webcams and DSLRs with the support of the UVC (USB Video Class) standard. …

Hello. This is the PRISM Live Studio team!

After updating to v2.7.0 version, there is a phenomenon that a yellow guide line is exposed on the screen when using the [Monitor Capture(Full)] function.

The reason why this yellow guide line was not exposed in the standard version and was exposed in 2.7.0 is because improvements have been made to the [Monitor Capture(Full)] function in this version. Added a new capture method called UWP.​

Since this method captures using the GPU, the performance is better than the previous version. …

Hey everyone! This is PRISM Live Studio team :)

Today, let’s take a quick peek at the PC v 2.7.0 update.

PRISM PC v2.7.0 update

Scheduled to be released in mid-August

The v2.7.0 version will include the following features.

1) Add PRISM sticker source​

2) Add Clock widget source

3) Add source transition effect

4) Improved Add Source window

Add PRISM sticker source​

We provide a variety of free stickers made by PRISM to make the broadcast screen more interesting.

Hello, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.

The PRISM app has changed its Live Streaming engine extensively in the last v2.9.0 version. We did it carefully, but it created a number of bad side effects.

In particular, it caused an issue where camera captures were not handled normally on MOTOROLA, ASUS, and VIVO smartphones. And unfortunately, this has caused inconvenience to many users.

Hello, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.
​As of July 08 (Thu), there is an error in the live streaming from the PRISM iOS app to YouTube.

This morning there was a change in the response of the YouTube API that the PRISM iOS app uses for live streaming to YouTube. As a result of this, users will not be able to normally use YouTube live streaming in the PRISM iOS app.

Also, when linking YouTube accounts in the PRISM iOS app, the following error screen is exposed.

We are currently working on that error. And today, on July…

Hello, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.
We will inform you about the user restriction policy in the PRISM app.

1. Rights and Responsibilities of Users in the PRISM App Terms of Use

​The PRISM mobile app guides the Terms of Use of the service through public links and the Terms of Use item in the app settings menu.

1) Public links to Terms of Service

2) Terms of Service in the PRISM app settings menu

Hello, This is the PRISM Live Studio team!
July begins and summer begins in earnest.

Today, we would like to talk about the issues related to the heat of your smartphone and some ways to reduce the heat of the phone.

Hello. This is the PRISM Live Studio team!

Today, we will introduce the Windows system version officially supported by PRISM.​

The Windows version officially supported by PRISM PC is the Windows 10 version.

Many users these days have issues when using PRISM in Windows 8.1 and Windows 11 versions.

Unfortunately, PRISM cannot be used normally in Windows 8.1 and Windows 11 versions.

Be sure to use the Windows 10 version!

Thanks you!

* contact us : prismlive@navercorp.com

Hello, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.

On June 15 (Tuesday), live streaming is not possible in all PRISM apps. Or, live streaming has started but chat is not available.

This is an error that is occurring in all of the PRISM Android, iOS, and Windows apps.​

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you using our PRISM app. We will fix the error quickly and guide you again.

Thank you.

As of this time, the error has been corrected.

We apologize for this inconvenience you have experienced using our PRISM app. If there are any issues, please contact prismlive@navercorp.com

Thank you.

​Hello, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.
We are sorry to inform you that some YouTube brand accounts are unable to live stream.

From the morning of June 12 (Sat), due to the change of YouTube’s live streaming policy, we have confirmed that live streaming has become impossible for some brand accounts.

The PRISM app provides users with YouTube live streaming capabilities using features that YouTube provides externally for third-party apps such as the PRISM app.

​However, YouTube’s API returns an error when users try to start live streaming from the PRISM app using some brand account. …

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