[iOS] Live streaming to YouTube error (Fixed)

Hello, this is the PRISM Live Studio team.
​As of July 08 (Thu), there is an error in the live streaming from the PRISM iOS app to YouTube.

This morning there was a change in the response of the YouTube API that the PRISM iOS app uses for live streaming to YouTube. As a result of this, users will not be able to normally use YouTube live streaming in the PRISM iOS app.

Also, when linking YouTube accounts in the PRISM iOS app, the following error screen is exposed.

We are currently working on that error. And today, on July 08 (Thursday), we plan to upload the app (v2.7.4) with the error resolved to the App Store.

It is difficult to give an exact schedule because it has to go through the review of the App Store, but it seems that users will soon be able to use the app for which the error has been resolved.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we will do it as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Updated July 9th.

You can download the v2.7.4 version with the current error fixed from the App Store. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

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